About me


I am a digital communications specialist and project manager with over twenty years of experience in the education and charity sector, spanning digital strategy, creative leadership, website redevelopments, branding, print production, events and project management.

My expertise includes:

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Project definition, planning and management

  • Audience research and analysis

  • Brand evaluation and messaging creation

  • Content and digital strategy development

  • Website redevelopment projects

  • Digital content creation

  • Social media strategy

  • Events planning

My experience

I spent 10 years as Head of Digital and Creative Media at Imperial College London where I was responsible for Imperial's web presence, social media, video production, photography, print production, brand management and regular giving. While at Imperial, I directed two major website redesigns, the launch of a revamped news channel for the College, the introduction of student blogs, and an award-winning institutional magazine.

I then spent 18 months as Managing Director of Pickle Jar Communications, a content strategy and digital communications consultancy specialising in projects for the education and charity sector. I led a number of client projects including an award-winning rebranding and website redesign for Students’ Union UCL and a website redevelopment scoping exercise and extensive audience research for St George’s, University of London.

Since leaving Pickle Jar in January 2018, I have focused on digital project management. I led a website transformation project, introduction of a new email marketing tool and selection of a digital image library for the Francis Crick Institute.

I currently spend half of my week as Director of External Relations, Communications and Marketing at St George’s, University of London in a job share position.

I also work on a freelance basis supporting clients with digital projects, with current clients including St Paul’s Cathedral, University of Aberdeen, Stockholm International School, Imperial College London and the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI).