Presenting at ContentEd 2017  (photograph: Tynesight Photographic Services)

Presenting at ContentEd 2017 (photograph: Tynesight Photographic Services)

Previous talks

  • CASE Europe Annual Conference 2019 - “Creating a User-Focused Website that Saves you Time

  • IWMW 2019 - Plenary speaker

  • ContentEd 2019 - “Connecting your content: how to save time and improve quality through taxonomy and structured content”

  • ContentEd 2017 - Conference Co-Chair

  • BUILA conference 2016 - “Integrated Communications: developing an international content strategy

  • Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Educational Programmes Advisory Committee CASE Europe Annual Conference Co-Chair (Communications track) 2014 and 2015

  • Universities UK – Using digital innovation to enhance university marketing and communications conference (October 2014) - “Promoting Research Digitally

  • CASE Seminar – Social Media Strategy for Higher Education: Beyond the Basics (June 2014) - “Get more out of your social media efforts” (achieved stellar speaker status)

  • CASE Seminar - The Audience is the Stage: Integrating Online Communications (June 2011) - “Let the students do the talking” - presentation on Imperial student blogs (achieved stellar speaker status)

  • CASE seminar – Higher Ground: The Future of Social & Digital Media in HE (May 2010) - “Writing for the web

  • International students forum (January 2010) - “Enhancing your communication through the use of website and social networks

  • CASE Europe Annual Conference (August 2009) - “Happy Birthday to us...”: Making the most of our anniversaries” – panel presentation (achieved stellar speaker status)

  • British Science Association: Science Communications Conference (June 2009) STEMPRA - “How can we use new media in science communication?”

  • CASE seminar – “Beyond the hype: getting the most from your web presence” (May 2009) - Joint seminar chair and presenter for “Using the web to maximise research” – case study presentation about Imperial’s use of multimedia in reporting research news

  • EduWeb Conference, USA (July 2008) - “Listening to our Users: an audience-based approach to website redesign

  • CASE seminar – “The Web: a Powerful Recruitment and Communication Tool” (May 2008) - “Redesigning Imperial’s website: how research guided the project” – case study presentation about Imperial redesign (achieved stellar speaker status)